[Flickr] Flickr 善舉 – 察看自己是否在 NIPSA 中

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Flickr」今天除了推出「Filter」這個新功能外, 也做了一件善舉。

以往要知道自己是否在「NIPSA」名單中的, 除了自己多做搜尋、多嚐試外, 沒有別的辦法。現在你可以直接在 Account 頁面查看到自己是否在 NIPSA 中了, 如下圖:

另外, Flickr 對 NIPSA 的解釋似乎有所調整了:

What’s happened to NIPSA?
NIPSA stands for Not In Public Site Areas. This is a flag that staff used before we released filters to stop photos that were going against the Community Guidelines from showing up in searches on the site.
Now that we have the new filtering system in place, we’re seeing “NIPSA” as more of a member-controlled switch, where you can decide yourself whether or not you’d like to opt out of having your photos turn up in searches on flickr.com, or not. (We’ve had an opt-out switch like this for 3rd party applications that use the Flickr API for some time now.)
If you see that your account is flagged as NIPSA (here), it’s probably an artifact of the old system. Make sure that all your content is categorized correctly (photos flagged as photos, screenshots as screenshots etc), and then you can request a review.

所以, 以後想利用 Flickr 來放 Screenshot 的人, 請記得在上傳時設定上傳的內容為 Screenshot。


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    還好我留言是倒著看的… 不然大概就回答下去了… XD

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